Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Te reo Maaori


Whare Pukapuka
Ruma Toi
Papa takaro
Papa Tenehi
Whare Hoko Kai
Whare Hakinakina
Ruma Whakaari
Ruma Whare Kai
Ruma 2
Papa Kirikiti

Pene Rakau
Paraehe Peita
Pou Netiporo        

Agenda: Wed 28th June

Date: Wednesday 28th June 2017
Tomorrow is: Day 2

  • JUMP. Leaving at 9am. Come in uniform. Get changed into sports Mufti at school. Bring lunch. Bring JUMP socks
  • No teaming
  • Science block 4
  • Friday is Kiwiana Mufti (free)

  • Autobiographies (late)
  • Letters to future students (due Friday)

Monday, 26 June 2017

Throw out the 2nd Student Led Conference form you got today (Monday 26th June)

Hi team

Hope the day went well with Mrs Rose. She gave you a Student Led Conference form that was incorrect. Please throw it out, and follow the dates of the one that Mr Leith gave you instead.

Here is the correct one (the one you have already got):

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Relieving: Monday and Tuesday

Hi team,

I'm a bit unwell, so I am taking Monday off. Tuesday, I'll be at basketball. Enjoy your two days, and see you Wednesday.


Block 1:

Dear future students of Mr Ahie (Guidelines: click link here)

Begin publishing once they have been checked off by the reliever (may not get to this stage until tomorrow)

Block 2:

Tech Arts

Block 3:

Read aloud

Isometric Houses (click here)

Block 4:

Agenda (main things: JUMP money and permission forms)

Finish publishing Autobiographies (must be done when I see you next. Last block time)

Matariki Stars (click here)

Use black paper to stick them on once they are done, and gather them up into a star formation. Find a place to hang them.

Emma and Margot, if you finish early, could you please do some organising of my cupboards? Thinking about the coloured paper section.


Block 1:

Dear future students of Mr Ahie (Guidelines: click link here)

Begin publishing once they have been checked off by the reliever.

Block 2:

Isometric Houses (click here)


Block 3:

Read aloud.
Agenda and pack up.

Block 4: Teaming

Collect iPads from the Learning Centre

Roll (in green folder)

What have you learnt so far?
What has it been like?

1-20 Video click here
Listen, then repeat. Two times.

Use the iPads for Kahoot:

Kahoot #1 (click here for the link)

If you have time:

Kahoot #2 (click here for the link)

Dear Future Students...

Task: Write a letter addressed to a future student with advice for succeeding in the class

You remember when I read these at the beginning of the year? Now it is time for you to write them. It would be great to have a letter from you to share with my new class in Norway. It is great for me to keep to look back on.

Step 1:

Brainstorm what you might want to tell someone who is about to spend a year in Mr Ahie's class.

Key Questions:

- What do they need to know in order to survive with Mr Ahie?
- What will it take for students to succeed in this class? Suggest a few examples of how to do well (even if you didn’t) and what to do so that they can get most out of this class. Explain using specific examples & details.
- What are some of the funny incidents that we have encountered in his class?
- What will they be learning about?
- What are things to do and not to do?
- What is Mr Ahie the teacher like?

Key Language:

You should...
It’s a good idea to...
If I were you, I’d...

Some advice:

Make them funny, make them honest, make them informative, let me see your personality in them. Enjoy.

A prompt to get you started (if you need it):

Dear Future Students of Mr Ahie,

I am writing you this letter to inform you of what you are about to encounter over the next year. With every teacher and every class, you will encounter different rules and different challenges. It is in this letter that I will tell you about Mr Ahie rules and some stories our class has experienced this year.

The most important thing to remember is....

Friday, 23 June 2017

Agenda: Fri 23 June

Date: Friday 23rd June 2017
Monday is: Day 4

  • Tech Arts
  • Buy missing stationery
  • Student Led Conferences bookings open
  • Dance Festival notice
  • JUMP notice and payment (due Tuesday)

  • Autobiographies published (due Monday)
  • Take up the challenge (late)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

JUMP permission form. Mr Ahie's farewell

Berkley Normal Middle School                                                                                                      
Berkley Avenue                                                                                                                        

22 June 2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

As you may have heard Mr Ahie is leaving at the end of this term. To enjoy our last moments with him, Room 2 is going to JUMP ( This event will be happening on Thursday the 29 June. This will include a payment of $10 per student and $2 for JUMP socks (if your child does not already have them). The transport price is $2 per person as well, which adds up to $12-$14 per student. The payment is due by Tuesday the 27 June. Room 2 will be departing Berkley at 9:00 am and returning to Berkley at 12:00 pm. Although we will be leaving Berkley in our PE mufti, your child must still come to school in uniform and go home in uniform.

If students are unable to attend they will be placed in another class to work.

Our preferred method of payment is through our school website or alternatively, you can pay at the office using cash, cheque or EFTPOS.  Our bank account for internet deposit is: ASB  12-3122-0202229-00.

Your child will need:
  • Lots of water!
  • An energy filled lunch
  • Appropriate PE mufti for jumping
  • Money for food (optional)
  • JUMP socks (if you have them)

If you have any questions, please contact  Mr Ahie via email -

Thank you very much,
Ella, Ella, Emma, Margot
2ICs of Room 2


Room 2 JUMP Permission Form  
(please return to Mr Ahie in Room 2 by Tuesday 27 June)

I give my child permission to go to JUMP on Thursday 28 June:   YES/NO (please circle)
Payment of $12 and they will bring their own official JUMP socks      
Payment of $14 and they will be supplied with official JUMP socks  

I have paid via: (please circle)     Website           Cash               Cheque              Internet            Eftpos

Parent’s Signature:____________________________    Parent’s Contact Number:__________________